The Dining Hall restaurant at Charters is run for us by Cucina. The restaurant operates on a cashless basis with all transactions being made through the Biometric, fingerprint recognition system and online top ups through  


Christmas Lunch 2018

Cucina will be serving Christmas lunch to Years 7-11 on Wednesday 12 December. Tickets priced £3.50 are available on  On this day students will be allocated by year group to one of two lunch breaks, each of 45 mins. Students entitled to Free School Meals will automatically be provided with a ticket for Christmas lunch. 

Sixth Form students can also purchase their tickets on and will have their Christmas lunch on Thursday 13 December.

Tickets are ONLY available in advance and will be distributed in batches during tutor time nearer the date. 

For any student who does not want Christmas lunch, a selection of sandwiches will be available to purchase at the till. 


Biometric information and how it will be used at Charters School 

Biometric information is information about a person's physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify them as part of an automated recognition system, for example, information from their fingerprint.  Please read this letter to see how the school plans to take and use this information from your child's fingerprint.  

Please click to read our responses to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

The school is working with BioStore Ltd, an experienced provided of biometric systems.  Please click here to read their Data Protection Statement


Set a Daily Spending Limit

Please use this form if you wish to specify your child's daily spending limit in the dining hall. Any amendment will take place 24 hours after submission.

  • £ .

    The system will only accept limits in increments of 50 pence e.g. £4.50; £5.00. Anything not entered in this format will be rounded up to the next 50p.


  • Please supply a number we can contact you on during the working day in the event of any query

  • Clear

Free School Meals

For those on free school meals, Cucina are unique in offering any two items purchased together during Period 3 lunch break, regardless of price. The free school meal allowance does not apply to items purchased outside the lunch break. To find out more click here to be taken to our Free School Meals page.